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Lineage 2 Interlude PvP and Craft-PvP servers!

New x100 Interlude - April 21!
Starting 3000+ online players!
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Interlude x1200 - Just opened!
3000 players online
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Opening Classic PvP server x1200 - June 9!

Dear Players! From today, we give all the new players on the x100 server and [OLD] x1200 nice bonuses! Every new player on our servers gets a Premium account for free! Have a good game! Servers x1200 - will work without wipes!

Opening server x1200 [NEW] - June 9 (20.00, +3 GMT)

Shares on the server x1200 [Classic PvP]:

What awaits you on the server Interlude x100 & x1200:

  • Starting 3000+ online
  • Stable online (Long Life server).
  • Without corrupting clans.
  • High-quality and stable assembly.
  • No wipe!

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Lineage 2 Interlude - classic lineage 2 server. Complex Euro-PvP allows you to plunge into la2 game worlds, into new kraft pvp and pvp servers.

Our servers are not over Interlude additions and modifications, as close as possible to the official gameplay.